Cash Flow Tracking Overview

Because it's more inspiring to understand the end goal before diving into the details, this video shows you what information you'll have at your fingertips after you take the steps to enter your expenses.

  • The Calculator's Start + End Here Tab:

    • The page provides a snapshot of your month-by-month expenses plus total annual expenses divided by twelve.
    • The ideal savings to date is how much you should have in the bank for these expenses.
    • The ongoing savings needed is calculated based on your monthly contributions.
    • The sum of monthly and annual expenses gives a total to be budgeted as your monthly overhead.
  • Expense Management:

    • Each month, you add your monthly contribution to your existing savings.
    • Monthly and annual expenses are withdrawn from this total as they come due, maintaining a dynamic balance.
    • The lump sum represents your operating expenses.

Let's get started entering your info so that you can get into your own numbers!


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