Who knew that the *secret* to productivity was already at your fingertips? 

Hey 🙋‍♀️, I’m Dara – Google Tools Master and Productivity Pro. 

Lemme cut right to the chase… When you organize the systems in your business, you can become more productive, outsource with ease, and set up passive income streams so you’re not always glued to your clients.

If you follow along with me, you can become more productive with the Google tools that you know and love (and are probably already paying for)! 

Available Products

COURSE: Get Productive with G Suite

This comprehensive course about Google's Suite of Tools will send you to productivity heaven.

Goodbye Overwhelm. Hello peaceful Gmail Inbox, Decluttered Google Drive and a Streamlined Setup.

COURSE: LastPass Mastery (Master Password Management)

Could you get FREQUENT FLYER MILES for clicking FORGOT PASSWORD constantly?

At the risk of sounding cliché, using a Password Manager (like LastPass) WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator

Don't Let Bills Sneak Up on You. This easy-to-use calculator shows you how much to set aside monthly to meet your obligations throughout the year.

This will take about an hour, will reduce your money stress tenfold - and is practically guaranteed to save you more than it costs.

GMAIL INBOX ZERO (Free Tutorial Video)

Get to GMAIL INBOX ZERO in Under 10 Minutes, without deleting emails or using other software!

Video tutorial using the Gmail tools found right in your web browser! Goodbye email clutter!

FREE GUIDE: Top 40 Time-Saving Google Hacks

Crank up your PRODUCTIVITY in Gmail, GDrive, Calendar, Chrome and other Google Tools, and SAVE TIME *over and over again*!

Get Rescued! [From Your Tech]

Want some tech troubleshooting and hand-holding?

Anything that I teach, I'm happy to help you with. Book a 1:1 training. Note that this is a done-with-you screensharing Zoom session!

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