Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator

Ever found yourself staring at your bank balance, thinking you've got it all under control, only to realize - oops! - you forgot about that hefty bill due next week?

Yep, been there, done that.

As a small business owner, I saw the need for a tool that could help folks like us avoid those uh-oh moments. So, I created the Get Productive Cash Flow Calculator Edition.

Imagine having a clear roadmap of your financial obligations right at your fingertips.

Instead of panic-buying and regretting it later, you'll make informed decisions with confidence. With this tool, you'll turn chaos into order and make confident spending decisions without second-guessing yourself.

Get cash flow clarity in two easy steps:

  • Enter your monthly expenses
  • Enter your annual expenses (and payment due dates)

And Presto Manifesto - The calculator will display your total $ monthly obligations!

The calculator will also display what lump sum you could set aside now in order to just save up monthly amounts, OR what monthly amount you would have to save up to catch up.


- Intuitive step-by-step spreadsheet that gives you a real-time snapshot of your finances as you enter data.
- Easy-to-follow video tutorials covering both basic and advanced features.
- Written steps to refer back to whenever you need a refresher.

The Get Productive Cash Flow Calculator Edition is your ticket to financial clarity and peace of mind.

Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and hello to smart financial planning.

4 Modules

Start Here! Cash Flow Tracking Essentials

Set your sights on where you're headed:

Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator - Single Currency

If your business primarily pays expenses in a single currency (ex: you live in the US + pay mostly in USD)

Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator - Multi-Currency

If your business often pays expenses in multiple currencies (ex: pay in your local currency, and USD)

What's Next in your Cash Flow Journey?

If, after digging into your cash flow and expenses, you want to go further with budgeting...

Modules for this product 4

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