Get Productive (and Organized) in Gmail

Get Productive (and Organized) in Gmail

Get Productive with G Suite is a comprehensive course that touches on all of Google's tools (for $37).

But what if you don't want 8 modules, and you ONLY want to tackle your Gmail account... for some peace, quiet, automation other bells and whistles.

Well, I've made it easy: grab JUST the Gmail module (from the bigger course) for only $17.

Lessons included: 
+ comprehensive Course notes located in Lesson 1

  1. Inbox Fresh Start & Workspace Setup
  2. Security Checkup / Storage Capacity
  3. Time Savers: Advanced Search Tricks
  4. Time Savers: Reply Templates & Smart Compose
  5. Time Savers: Send+Archive & Reply All
  6. Ass-Saver: Undo Send
  7. Time Saver and Search Enhancer: Labels
  8. Time and Bandwidth Savers: Filters & Forwarding
  9. Time Savers: Long Threads & Stars
  10. Fun Tricks and Settings You May Have Missed!
  11. Accessing Gmail Through Email Applications Other Than Webmail
  12. Google Workspace: Admin Panel Tips
  13. The Spam & Filter Folder
  14. BONUS: For Marketers: Getting your mass emails out of the Gmail Promo tab

1 Module

Modules for this course 1
Buy Gmail Module Only for $17

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