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COURSE: LastPass Mastery

COURSE: LastPass Mastery

Is this you? You visit a site you haven't been to in a while, and in order to log in your first stop is to reset your long-since-forgotten password. (Why didn't your web browser know what it was?!)

You hop over to your Inbox to get the password reset process going, and you see a new email.

You stop, read, reply. Another email comes in. Next thing you know, TWENTY minutes has gone by, and you've fully forgotten what you were logging into and the process starts again.

In this mini-course, you'll be walked through setting up a LastPass account in the most secure way. You'll learn the time-saving tools that LastPass provides, and come out the other side feeling lighter, feeling excited, and without a doubt working more efficiently

9 Modules

M4. LastPass Security Challenge - Audit Your Passwords

FOR EVERYONE! An eye-opener.

M6. Oh Crap! Account Recovery, etc.


Submit Your LastPass Questions, !

Q&A Video Library (LastPass Edition)

BONUS: No-Excuses Group Implementation Power-Hour (Passwords Edition)

Implementation Session Dates TBD.

Modules for this product 9

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